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Hi! I am Abhijeet aka Sokratus, a self-taught User Interface, User Experience, Brand Identity Designer and Illustrator from the beautiful city Pune, India. I absolutely love working with startups!



My journey towards being a designer started a long time before I realized. I was born and brought up in a small town family. My mother was an amazing multi-diciplinary canvas artist and my dad a Civil Engineer. It was quite obvious for me to be attracted towards colors, shapes and technology. As a kid I was also addicted to drawing cartoons and technology mostly because of Video Games. From Game TV Consoles to Computers (I started out with games like Dangerous Dave and Wolfenstein 3D). Soon we got our first computer and with my thirst to exploit it completely by installing random softwares I landed up on Photoshop, worlds most scariest software for a teenage boy. And thats where my relationship with Photoshop begun. I realized I can make money out doing the one thing I'm good at and I started looking for clients who would hire me as a designer. In this journey I picked Adobe Illustrator who would turn out to be my BFF. As the days progressed I was quite good in both Print as well as Web. In recent few years I relized that my inclination towards web and mobile apps have grown and since then I have been working and learning on everything related to that. To see some of my accomplishments among other details, please download my resumé.

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